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the_cannery's Journal

the cannery
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The Cannery

A Community for Harper's Island Fic

→ All types of fic is welcome, crossovers, het, gen, rpf, slash, etc.

→ Mark each of of your fics with appropriate, ratings, pairings, spoiler-warnings, etc. In whatever way you want to arrange your header.

→ I'll be implementing a tagging system. Please use available and appropriate tags and we'll take care of the rest.

Damage control.
→ Warn for major spoilers.

→ Don't spam the comm with multiple entries in a day. If you've got more than one thing to post, try to do it in the same entry. (An exception would be if you're posting a couple of longer fics directly to the community -- not a linkback to your journal or archive -- then it would be okay, but don't go overboard.)

→ Any pictures too large for the layout should go under a cut. [Fic, too, with exception of your header, should either be posted under a cut or most likely a link back to your journal.]

→ Currently we allow a limited amount of discussion posts, but try to keep the discussion centered around fic for the most part. If you'd like to post something else, please notify crickets or gigglemonster.

→ Advertisements for non-fic fanworks, such as icon posts, are not allowed. There are other communities such as harpers_globe, harpersislandtv and harpers_icons for these types of posts.

→ Announcements for Harper's-related communities and events are welcome! [Within reason.]

→ Be good.

Have a website or community and want to become affiliates? Comment here.