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Harper's Island Fic-a-thon: Fic Post

Harper's Island Fic-a-Thon!

Rules are below.

abby: red, seeing, standing tall, all I fear, destination darkness, gentle warmth, smile, everyone I thought I could lean on has made me cry
danny, I break, cry, angle for telepathy
henry, i’m gonna buy this place and burn it down, well the truth it fell so heavy like a hammer through the room, deliverance, regret, hold me the day I try to fly, leave a child in the dark and all they'll know is darkness, I'm living a nightmare, other poisoned apples, a liar like me, a sickness so pure, the rotten core inside, I'll burn this whole world down, I'm a sinner, don't you cry for me, I would take it all back if I could but I won't, who decides where everybody goes?, separate me from the living, I realize I'm a lie but it's a beautiful one, hollow like my soul
jd, let's start a riot, I've been looking for a lifeline, in the end it doesn't even matter, the past is real, you don't need to bother, we are alone, voices in my mind, my ghosts are gaining on me, I want a normal life
kelly, when the river runs dry, you'd think the world was ending, she's just a paperdoll
lucy, what it is to burn
madison, stuck in this strange town
sheriff charlie mills, edge of the knife
sheriff charlie mills/wakefield, I called to wish the worst of luck to everything you do
shane, sober, regret, wind, smoke, stars, buy a little more time to kill
sully, my own worst enemy, like a train on a track, the bottles are hollow now and there's room at the bottom, I'm chasing defeat
trish, falls, clarity, white, ghost of a rose, does no one love you?
wakefield, my new gun, urban legend, blood wars, I got the feeling that I’m underneath

abby/henry, curse, rust, sheets, blister, hidden, polaroid, marks, something just broke, hammer, stomach, mud, truth doesn't make a noise, tomorrow, veins, broken, voice, scarlet, hurricane, laces, barn, drown, winter, alone again, are you ready for this?, I'm coming undone, I thought my demons were my friends, what could you possibly expect from me?, hoping that you will call me home, everything I need it lies in you, shame is such a dirty word, I'm pounding on the door, never was and never will be, I must be running out of luck, I'm not the man I was before, you walked away from me, a world that will never be, I'd kill to be closer, I only dream of you, you say there's something that's wrong in my head, you heard me breathe, I must be dreaming, I feel alive with you beside me, are you like me?, dysfunctional family, you've only lost your mind, doesn't want me, burning hate, no one mourns the wicked, alone with forever, the family nobody wanted, fragmented truths, forgiveness, all the greatest loves are the unfinished ones, I was the only one protecting you, I’ve known you in every life I’ve lived, this won’t hurt more than a pinch, lost in you, there's just too much pain, I expected so much more from you, you turn away, I just stuffed it down, you bring me to my knees, the last reason, let the blood fall, I've been fighting all my demons, breathe into me, how does it feel to know that every breath you take belongs in someone else's lungs?, a town where blood ties are only blood, soon you will love me too, the world is ending so keep your eyes open, i dripped blood into your palm and kissed your sleeping eyes, i can feel the flames licking these wounds clean, who needs morals when you have desire?, all that I can't ignore alone at night, I won't lie down because I'm already down, pretend I'm by your side, I know you're not alright, this is all we have for tonight, just call my name and you'll be okay, my eyes are open now, it's a glass cage so I can't defend, you cut so deep that my belief is gone, your heaven's a lie
abby/jd, skeleton key, twilight surrender, the darkness in you is the darkness in me
abby/jimmy, afterwards, war, ships, the real world, it's over, nightmares, unfinished tale, rain, duty, the secret's in the telling, orange peel, at the end of the road, you get second chances, leave your whole life collecting dust, don't fret, the funeral, ‘til time is gone and wrong is right, I covered us with silver leaves, playful lips made of yarn, your sleeplessness makes you a liar, I will not leave a letter, everything we thought we'd be, I'm a ghost, something that's purer than water, keep your heart broken, all my nightmares send me running back to you, I'm haunted by these lies I've told in vain, can you feel me when the darkness starts to take a hold?, lie and tell me you're alright
abby/sully, north, citrus, you dared me in the dark, memento, road, blackened, new years eve, river, savior, once upon a December, nightmare, skin, you were a fire caught in a storm, your soft skin, secrets taste bitter on sugared tongues
abby/shane, want, i'm so tired of acting tough, yes, tumbler, silence, moth, blind spot, nothing between me and the rain, pistol, redemption, scars, wool, alive, armor, look beyond, resisting temptation, love's pretty follies, pressed against that cross, I will be be strong, hurt became hate, I just needed someone to talk to, close your eyes and pretend I'm by your side
beth/danny, something else, smething unheard of, lonely by candlelight
beth/henry, entrapment, better left unsaid, truth, loss
beth/malcolm, sweet nothings, the essence of life, laugh, this is the time and this is the place to be alive
beth/sully, like shattered glass, cheeks
cal/chloe, lost and alone, apart, another life, redemption, diamonds, pre-series, skin, cry for me with the morning's light, all about us, we'll run away, halo, memories, haunted, I can't make it go away, over and over in my brain, stop every clock, I have too much to say, I’ll set you up against the stars, we like living crazy, the first kiss, from our ripped bodies, kiss the rain and close your eyes
cal/trish, mistakes we knew we were making
charlie/sarah, the life inside, spellbound, broken
chloe/henry, shifting sands, when love turns to hate, flowers in the ashes
chloe/jimmy, shore, fear of the fall, the truth about forever, last time, balance of power, mysterious stranger, always
chloe/sully, barter, I'm about to change your pretty life, she's such a charmer, breathe your life into me, you're razor sharp and cut me deep
danny/shea, good for you
henry/lucy, terror in the night, sanctuary, lips
henry/nikki, last round, on the brink of forever, island of light, call me and I'll come running
henry/shea, last breath, gazing upon the sky, passion
henry/trish, pre-series, heat, your end is near, leave you in the misery, to know you all wrong, you didn't die in vain, intoxicating the mind, it ends tonight, remember me, blood and tears, together, touch, I’d rather be in love than dead, you’ve never been so divine in accepting your defeat, you're a bottled star, you're not the first or the last but you're possibly the prettiest, can't you see I'm already gone?, this silence we've shared for so long, I still don't feel sorry for this loss, this was never meant to be more than a memory for you, the taste of your tears is like the finest of wines, self created misery, go ahead and throw your life away, your scream is burning through my veins, we're caught beneath the physical, a boyish notion of false emotion
hunter/shea, jumbled truths, a walk along the shore, betrayal
hunter/trish, I don't know if I can do this again, wine, vast horizons, jilted dreams, leap of faith, little girl's downfall, silence, fading as I follow you into uncertainty, these words are spoken despite my love
jimmy/nikki, late night decisions
jd/kelly, sour, in the night, the end is near, one more blow to seal this fate, this is not goodbye, just a kiss before you die, empty promises are all that they have for you, you and I falling from grace, diamond in the rough, grace, innocence, moon, hands, I've been losing sleep, lock the last open door and throw away the key
katherine/thomas, I never promised you a rose garden
kelly/shane, hallway, I fell short, endless darkness, I miss who you were, addiction, trust, hug, lovers, swoon, I never cared at all, people call us renegades, save all her ashes for me, speaking as I'm spoken to, when you finally trust me I'll be sure to let you down
nikki/jimmy, that's all I ask of you, beneath the blue, parting regrets, loyalty, heart
nikki/shane, shame, fear, truth, I used to hate you, use me to use you, I can see my life passing me by, quaking mind, the calm before the storm, uncontrollable wrath, a lonely tomorrow, what could you possibly want from me?, jealous minds think alike, my tongue misbehaves, you've got the curse of curves and sharp edges but you're an addictive kind of dangerous
nikki/sully, neon lights, sweet surrender, vision, there's a ghost in my mouth, shallow grave, the end of the beginning, fear
richard/shea, the bitter end
sarah/wakefield, my brain's ticking like a bomb, think of me, I remember when she loved me, cry
shane/shea, growl, test, i like to keep my little shell in tact, passing warrior, a path to follow, fallen, coffee, bars, pistol, only half understood her, is he dark enough to see your light?, they say that money buys you happiness but your money means next to nothing
shane/trish, soldier, pier, ritual, i got a stone where my heart should be, shoulders, tomorrow, push, dream the impossible, the beginning of goodbye, listless winter, unexpected emptiness, minutes, my hands will wait for the taste of your skin
shea/sully, shine, freckles, happiness hit her like a bullet in the head, fruit, thorns, motel, reservoir, lungs, sutures, sketch, autumn, curve, coarse, olive, seagull, scarf, yes, desire, sanctity, propriety, go back to sleep, the broken ones, haunting melody, lost beginning, neck, coward, you wait a lifetime to be found, sunrise, another silenced song, silence couldn't stop the sound
sully/trish, bitter for sweet, kindly unspoken, places in your heart, breathe with me, I'll wait here for you, step away from the window, you get what you see, lovers keep on the road you're on, she drove a big ole lincoln with suicide doors, I’m dodging words but she’s saying the right lines, I won't stop you from walking away, laughter penetrates my silence, I'm awake, there's no reason at all why you can't leave here with me
trish/wakefield, left behind, fractured reality, moon, eyes

cal/sully, grave, and he found someone who understands, stitch
danny/sully, drive, cracks, blood on my lips, you know me like the back of your hand
henry/jimmy, jealously, children, misunderstanding, hooks
henry/shane, gas station, mouth, bring redemption for our sins, flame, months, our endless numbered days, there's no stopping this, hips, swamp, neck, thieves, and his chains broke like thread, whiskey, weeds, heavy, barn, hunter
henry/sully, i wear the brand of traitor, cigarette, dogs, lightning, bottle, skin, before, after, in between, contact, dirt, heavy, nowhere, green, have you had enough?, the threat is real, back, seams, train station, rough, thief, resistance, loft, can’t bury myself can’t carry us both, sunshine into my veins
jimmy/shane, tired, mortar, another kind of strong, pick-up truck, i’m not asking much of me, water, august, hike, home
shane/sully, sin, push, liars, sinew, my pedestal was too tall to climb off, south, mud, spring, i'm so tired of being wrong, rotton

abby/trish, all we are, all we aren't, goodbyes, fall from grace, unguarded touch, we know just how the story will end, a candle is lit and I see through her

abby/henry/jd, broken spirit, lonely children
abby/henry/jimmy, not so dead, save me, I love him, ghosts, a time for tenderness, fingers
abby/henry/shane, control
abby/henry/sully, monster, unmasked, deja vu, lately i've been losing on my own, bones, radio, keep your suitcase by the door, rules, the past does not exist and I’m told it never will, we were too young to fall in love
abby/henry/trish, outsider, push, give, and you didn't really know me at all, close your eyes and count to ten, the best years, hold my heart in your hand
henry/sully/trish, is this all a dream?, the time has come to go deeper, blame it on the weekends
henry/shane/sully, maps

abby/henry, abby/jimmy, you’re all his and I’m all yours
abby/henry, henry/trish, if the world were ending would you kiss me or just leave me?

001. All ratings are accepted; from G to NC17.
002. In order to fit into one livejournal comment, your ficlets must be under 4300 characters. If you run over this limit, no worries, you can always post your fic in multiple comments, or you can post your work in your journal and post a comment with as much as will fit here, including a link back to your journal so we can read the rest!
003. Don't worry if someone else has already written for the prompt you have your eye on. Multiple people are welcome to take on the same prompt.
004. Similarly, if a ficlet is inspired by more than one prompt, that's okay too. Just remember to include both (all) prompts used in your subject line.
005. You can write your own prompts.
006. Please leave feedback for the writers! ♥!
007. All writers will receive a participation banner after the challenge is over.
008. Ficlets can be left here until February 28th, 5PM, EST.
This event and these rules have been adapted from lostsquee's fic battle, with permission.

Please format the subject of your comments as such:
title, pairing, prompts, rating

red river, shea/richard, when we fell in love, pg

If you have any questions, you can contact gigglemonster and myself in the comments here or send either of us a private message. Good luck everyone!
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